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May 2022

Adapting to Change

As any individual, company, education institution and project consortium, we had to make a few changes within our schedules due to the situation around COVID-19. Due to the pandemic we had to change certain ways of working within our project as well as adapting our project outcomes. Our last face to face meeting took place in January 2020 in Warsaw, Poland. Since then we have been meeting online on a regular basis and within our different task forces.

Furthermore, we have decided to develop all modules and courses as online / distance learning courses.

Next to many meetings and individual module trainings, we conducted a whole workshop and training week online from June 2nd – June 5th, which was supposed to be held in Magdeburg, Germany. Here the practice module “on top” of all other developed modules was presented. Topic and theoretical frame of the week was “Green Economy in Practice”. The German partners were flexible enough to change their methodological approach of the training and aquired guest speaker for input sessions online into a virtual workshop for all Asian partners.

Following you can find some impressions of our workshop week:

June 2nd – June 5th 2020

One of our first most important workshops conducted online: How to integrate practical experiences into a higher education module?

Our partner institutions have learnt how to develop a practice module, how to include apprenticeship-like elements into higher education and how a country’s Green Economy can profit from such measures.